About Tim
Tim's business is built on relationships. Learn how he can benefit you!

This is who Tim is...


Overwhelmed by a pest infestation? Relax, Tim is a natural problem solver. Did we mention he really likes Scrabble?


Tim is an Associate Certified Entomologist, ACE for short. Check out the wild, wacky world of entomologists!



Tim's past experience training pest control licensees throughout Southern California ensures you are receiving service from a licensed, knowledgeable professional... when you call Pest Rx!

This is what Tim does...


One of the most overlooked aspects of communication is listening. Tim works hard to put your needs first in any pest management solution.


Experience is a great teacher. But it cannot tell you how pesticides work, or address your safety concerns in a way you easily understand..... but Tim does!


Development displaces insects which unfortunatly become pests of our homes. Along with helpful recommendations to pest proof your home, Tim restores balance to properties through careful inspection and concise treatment.