UPDATE:  The holidays are just around the corner and that is usually when we start decorating. Why not take the time to look at all the attic vents in the eave area of your home while you're putting up Christmas lights? If you see an open vent, screen that opening and keep those pesky rodents out!

...Well, with cold weather comes rodents. Field mice and various rats may want to invade your home to stay warm. Do you want to keep them out? There are many actions you can take to avoid an infestation. A little effort in this area will surely benefit you in the long run. Here's my quick list of things to do:

1. Inspect structures and seal holes and other points of access for Rodents. Especially corners of garage doors, be sure they SEAL.

2. I recommend checking the area around your water heater as a starting point. Then work your way around the interior and exterior of your home.

3. Maintain an exterior "clutter free zone" of at least 12" around the structure.

4. Store pet food in solid containers. Double containment is best.

Be observant. From landscaping to construction, address those concerns which create the potential for infestation.