Rain! We should be getting a lot of it soon. What does rain mean to me in general? No outdoor treatments. Why? Well, for one thing it can lead to pesticide runoff, and eventually waterways become contaminated by pesticides. Think parts per trillion. A visual picture of this is the following example courtesy of Dr. Oki @ UC Davis, "The water of Lake Mead is roughly 28,500,000 acre feet. One part per trillion (1 ppt) of Lake Mead is 9.2 gallons, or roughly two 5 gallon pails of water." So while pesticide runoff from your property may be little or none, consider the runoff potential for thousands of homes in Riverside County and you get the picture.

I can't think of an approach that's more "green" for our environment then careful and precise pesticide application. Intelligent Pest Control indeed!