So what are doing to get ready for summer? Do you have ants crawling around your house now? Imagine what it will be like when the weather gets warmer. I recommend taking a survey of your house and property and see what can be done to avoid infestation.

Are there small holes and stucco cracks around the exterior? How well are your window joints sealed? Do you have extensive landscaping around the exterior walls of your home? Trees which branch off and touch the structure? Moist areas where sprinkers put out to much water near the foundation? Plants which are conducive to harborage? Pet food off the ground?

These are but a few of the questions you can ask yourself when surveying your home. Now, look further than the exterior of your home to really put a dent in the ant populations which reside on your property. How are those property line fences or walls? Are trash receptacle areas nice and clean? Take a look at those trees on your property, are they teeming with ants?

It pays to invest a little time before summer comes. Know that Pest Rx is here for you also, give Tim a call at (951) 662-9690 and together we can create a program which will put an end to your pest problems!